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Posted 02 May 2011 - 05:12 PM

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Release NFO:
Artist        : SISTAR 19
Album         : Ma Boy
Genre         : Dance
Type          : Single
Label         : LOEN Entertainment
Store Date    : 05.03.2011
Release Date  : 05.02.2011
Source        : WEB
Encoder       : LAME 3.97
Quality       : avg. 188Kbps
Size          : 8,8 MB
Rating        : You decide!

URL           : http://music.naver.com/album/index.nhn?albumId=195576

Track Listing :

01. Ma Boy                                          03:17
02. Ma Boy (Inst.)                                  03:17

                                 Total PlayTime :   06:34 min

enjoy and buy for artists if is good!

Group News :

We are very private team.
so you couldnt find any traces about us.
we dont need any site. dont talk about us.
and dont interfere in our private activity.
Only keep your mind on your works.

-Dokdo is Korea Land  (Tokdo=Dokdo)

80 kilometers away on the east-south from Woolreungdo
There is a lonely isle for sea birds
Whoever says its theirs, Dokdo is our land.
Mt 63 Dodong Woolreungeup Kyungsanbukdo
East longitude 132, North 37 degrees, average temperature 12 degrees,
rainfall 1300, Dokdo is our land Cuttlefish, squid, cod, haddock,
turtle, salmon eggs, Sea bird eggs, Resting place for divers
170 thousand square, one spring, one crater, Dokdo is our land.

In the 13th year of King Jijeung, it was called Woosankuk
appearing on page 50 in the geography book of Sejong
Hawaii is American, Daemado is unknown, but Dokdo is our land
Just after the Russia-Japan war,
it is a real nonsense to claim Dokdo is an island with no owner
Leesabu, a Shilla general, guffaws under the ground. Dokdo is our land.

-Donghae Sea and Dokdo, the Gate of the Korean Peninsula

Dokdo is a lonely volcanic island, 87.4 kilometers away from Woolreung Island.
It consists of two big islands both in the east and the west, plus some small islets.

It is more like a period mark or the gate of Korea in the East Sea.

When did it start to be called Dokdo, then?

The first document registering Dokdo is from the 10th year of Kwangmoo,
in 1906. According to a report kept in the archives of the Woolreunggun Office,
it was recorded as "Our jurisdiction Dokdo" on the 5 of March by lunar calendar.

Macheonyarok recorded it as Dokdo in the same year, too.

But Japan deleted this name after occupying it by force during
the Russia-Japan war and started to call it Takeshima.

Meanwhile, France recorded it as Liancourt on the map while the UK named it Hornet.

In fact, the Dokdo problem started from that moment. It was a really outrageous occasion.

Even though it obviously had the name Dokdo and was well taken care of by Korea,
this absurd event happened. as an old Korean proverb says,
it is more like having ones nose cut with ones eyes open.

In fact, Takeshima was the name used to refer to Woolreungdo
by the Japanese since 1693 (the 19th year of Sukjong),
but Japan changed Woolreungdos name to Matshima and then to Dokdo-Takeshima.

France called it Liancourt because a French whaling vessel
of the same name discovered it in 1849.

Hornet was given to the island because a steamship bearing this name,
which belonged to the British fleet in China, discovered it in 1885.

What a strange situation this is!

The island had already been called Woosan-Sambong since the early Chosun dynasty,
as a district of Wooljinhyun, Kangwondo.

The Sejong chronicle clarified the subjective islands of Wooljinhyun
as being Woosando and Mooreungdo and Dongkuk-yeoji.

Mapsalso recorded it as an are a belonging to Wooljinhyun.

The history of Dokdo demonstrates clearly the roots of its sovereignty, so how could
people name it differently just by happening to run into it on their voyages?

Dokdo - Truth
Takeshima - False

Donghae Sea (East Sea) - Truth
Sea of Japan - False

-If You wanna see more info about Dokdo?  http://www.prkorea.com/start.html

Release content:

Don't flood with thanks and etc, Don't post your own links. Just discuss releases.

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